“I loved this little short story. It was luminous and pure and left me with tears in my eyes.”

—E. M. Hamill, Author of “Dalí” and “Nectar and Ambrosia”

“a quick, bite sized piece of amazing.”

—Evie Drae, Author of “Beauregard and the Beast”


“ I highly recommend Echoes by L.A. Ashton to all lovers of supernatural romance and mystery fiction. It’s purely fantastic. ”

—Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Reviews

“The angst. The push and pull. The tension and mystery. You guys really need to read this.”

—Love Bytes Reviews

“ I’m a sucker for skating romance that gets the details right. It made for a pleasant little fantasy with several charming characters. A good afternoon’s escape.”

—M. A. Hinkle, Author of “Death of a Bachelor” and “Diamond Heart”

“ a delightful short read.”

—Netgalley Review

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L. A. Ashton is an LGBT+ author writing LGBT+ fiction. They enjoy rock music, traveling, and anything else that adds color to their daydreams. They believe in the healing properties of art and of having a cat firmly stationed on one’s lap.