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    The Space Between the Stars – Review

    Genre: Light Sci-Fi? Romance? Pairings: M/F Queer Rep: None.  I bought it for the genre and because I sometimes get down with the hets Warnings: None Synopsis A virus sweeps through the galaxy and decimates the population. With the tiniest fraction of human life remaining, Jamie Allenby must find a way off world and toward the distorted message she received on her communication device. She finds herself in a group of lost and varied souls, and their ideals and destinations clash.

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    Oops, Caught and Bank Run – Review

      Genre: Sci-Fi Pairings: M/M Queer Rep: cis gay Warnings: None [Note: I received Advanced Reader Copies of these works in exchange for an honest review] Synopsis Mark Noland is trapped in an enemy holding cell after a mission goes awry. Alongside him is an elite Stella officer by the name of Gavnson, who makes no effort to contain his distaste for Noland or his escape plan. Fortunately or unfortunately, Gavnson’s beautiful body almost makes up for his nasty attitude. Together they work toward escape, secrets pour out, and a bond is formed. General Oops, Caught and Bank Run are both novellas, running around the 20k word mark. I read both of them together,…

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    Dalí – Review

    Genre: Sci-Fi Pairings: NB/M, NB/F Queer Rep: All the wonderful NB and queer stuff. Polyamory. Warnings: Violence, Torture (Feels like a strong word, but there are some unsavory things going down) Synopsis Dalí Tamareia is a Sol Fed Diplomat, genderfluid changeling, and badass. Dealing with the painful loss of their family, Dalí struggles to find a purpose, especially as their home system targets changelings for their newest crusade. That crusade and the cruel underworkings of the Sol Fed soon become Dalí’s reason for living—someone is targeting and abducting third-gender changelings, and Dalí has all the components to become the perfect undercover operative. General Honestly? Holy shit. I’ll come out and say it: I had…

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    Fiction Rec: Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers

    Those of you who follow me on twitter know that a week ago I decided to tear the internet apart in search of a short story I’d read over a year ago. There was a lot of noise and dead ends, but eventually I reached my destination: Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers by Alyssa Wong. Don’t let the title trick you—this is a short story with heavy paranormal themes and a streak of horror. Even over a year later I was never able to shake the feelings or intrigue it left behind. Not only is the story unique and engaging, but just by reading it I felt I better understood…