How To Be a Professional (spoiler alert: I’m bad at it)

It’s weird to suddenly be putting together all these things: a “professional” twitter, a “professional” facebook, a real honest-to-God website. Weirder still is that I don’t have a lot to say. Is it okay to scream about how excited I am for my new novel to drop?? What about sharing the bone-shaking despair I feel every time I think, “wait, what if it’s actually bad?

Mostly I think those things are meant to be kept inside, but who am I if not a screeching vat of emotion??


My betas and I have been polishing the mess I poured into a word doc for months, and I’ve mostly breached the pit of despair. I am nervous, and anxious, but I’m usually those things. I hope those of you who give my writing a chance come to enjoy it! I’ve had a lot of fun writing, and I look forward to serving this great community more in the future.

In fact, I already have a new piece planned. Or two.



It might be three.

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