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Predatory – Review

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Pairings: M/M

Queer Rep: Pansexual

Warnings: blood and gore, D/S themes, body horror, mentions of physical abuse, sexually explicit material


Donovan Quinn is faced with the impossible: unleashing the wild energy inside him. In the aftermath of a rushed, thoughtless sacrifice, his circle mates brainstorm a plan to appease the Queen of Water. Meanwhile, Donovan desperately tries to find a way to access the lonely Earth magic hiding inside him.

​But with his heart reaching for Tyler, the aggressive and volatile head witch of his circle, and friendships being tested at every turn, Donovan is at a standstill with his magic. Saving his friends, his circle, and his heart becomes far more complicated than he ever thought.


The things about the Port Lewis Witches is that you’re never going to have a bad time while reading them. When I get a new Brooklyn Ray story in my hands, I know I’m going to enjoy myself. I’m gonna get excellent atmosphere, dynamic characters, and a setting that lives and breathes.

But even knowing that, even being a fan of this series already, I still found myself surprised at how much I loved this installment.


Unlike the standalone novel “Unbroken”, Predatory is very directly tied to the previous events in Undertow. Everything is building up and forward, and while I think someone could read this novella by itself and enjoy it, I would definitely recommend reading the others first (and they’re excellent, so why wouldn’t you).

Donovan is a young dude stuck between a rock and a hard place, and my heart ached for him constantly. He’s a guy living with very real and very relatable pain and issues (possibly turning into a leopard and accidentally mauling your friends notwithstanding). Once I started down the path with him, I couldn’t let him go; I wanted to see everything through immediately, and I wanted this poor kid to get some happily ever after.


Gorgeous. Possibly even more so than the previous novellas.


Here’s the thing. I went into this book hating Tyler. I truly, absolutely, could not stand this prick, and he is Donovan’s love interest. But I trusted Brooklyn to show me whatever it was I needed to see to understand him, and I’m very glad I did.

Tyler is now one of my favorites. He is flawed, and a bit of a dick, but who hasn’t been a flawed dick in their life? He’s someone who needs to work on himself and grow, and we are lucky enough to see these sorts of things happen on page. Donovan also grows, learning from himself and his friends, figuring himself out bit by bit as time presses on. Because sometimes that’s what humans really need: time.

This novella really hit home a few things I already knew about Brooklyn. One: Brooklyn loves their characters. I mean really, truly, loves and sees them for who they are. Every single person is incredibly nuanced and believable, like they exist beyond the page and in some stormy town out west. They interact like real people, sometimes moving fluidly together and other times clashing and sparking. Their personalities hold true even when it’s not convenient, even when the plot would move along more smoothly if someone would just stop being so themselves. But that’s not how life works, and I love the writing all the more for it.


I read this novella in one sitting during a storm. It was a blissful afternoon that I was so thankful to have, and I look forward to even more blissful reading from Brooklyn Ray.


Brooklyn Ray’s official site is over here, and their twitter is this-a-way.


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