• Review

    Omen Operation – Review

    Genre: Action/Light Sci-Fi

    Pairings: F/F, M/F, M/M, MMFF (polyamorous setup for future installments)

    Queer Rep: Bi/Pansexuality, Polyamory

    Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence.

    [Note: I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.]


    This novel was described to me as “Resident Evil” meets “Maze Runner” by the author, and honestly that was all it took to hook me. Going in with as little knowledge as possible wound up being an excellent experience, and I would recommend the same to you. The gist? Nasty zombie-esque creatures, an evil mega-corporation, and main characters who are trained to kill. What more could an action junkie ask for?


    Omen Operation is an action packed thrill ride that will have you screaming for answers just as much as it will have you screaming for everyone to kiss. It is a new adult novel that ages the characters right beneath your gaze and forces a group of wildly varied individuals to tackle a horrifying situation. It satisfied not only my thirst for well-written on-page violence, but also for soft found families and a bisexual disaster MC.