• Review

    Oops, Caught and Bank Run – Review


    Genre: Sci-Fi

    Pairings: M/M

    Queer Rep: cis gay

    Warnings: None

    [Note: I received Advanced Reader Copies of these works in exchange for an honest review]


    Mark Noland is trapped in an enemy holding cell after a mission goes awry. Alongside him is an elite Stella officer by the name of Gavnson, who makes no effort to contain his distaste for Noland or his escape plan. Fortunately or unfortunately, Gavnson’s beautiful body almost makes up for his nasty attitude.

    Together they work toward escape, secrets pour out, and a bond is formed.


    Oops, Caught and Bank Run are both novellas, running around the 20k word mark. I read both of them together, as is my preference for shorter pieces. I was attracted to the sci-fi nature of the shorts, and Oops, Caught sported a synopsis that felt promising.

    Not all books keep their promises.