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    Fiction Rec: Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers

    Those of you who follow me on twitter know that a week ago I decided to tear the internet apart in search of a short story I’d read over a year ago. There was a lot of noise and dead ends, but eventually I reached my destination: Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers by Alyssa Wong.

    Don’t let the title trick you—this is a short story with heavy paranormal themes and a streak of horror. Even over a year later I was never able to shake the feelings or intrigue it left behind. Not only is the story unique and engaging, but just by reading it I felt I better understood the nature and composition of short stories in general.

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    Delayed Gratification and The Start of Something New – Review

    Genre: Erotic Romance

    Pairings: M/M

    Queer Rep: cis gay

    Warnings: Light BDSM

    The Daniel and Ryan series by Tamryn Eradani is a collection of spicy short stories aimed to leave you satisfied with each installment, but still wanting more.

    Since they are tiny fictions, I decided to review the first two together. Admittedly, I also read the first two in quick succession, which speaks quite kindly of the content.

    Daniel is a control freak, and Ryan is… Ryan. He’s the sweet sort of man who leaves his clothes crumpled on the floor and his desk a mess. The stories thus far have been told over Daniel’s shoulder, and the prose reflects his no-nonsense attitude. Only when he’s in the midst of an erotic entanglement do we begin to see stripes of desperation and sprawling lines of thought.

    The stories are tagged as BDSM. This does not mean you should be expecting “chains and whips excite me” from the get-go. This series is methodically crafted to dip the reader’s toes into the BDSM world, submerging them little by little. It is much more about mentality at first, which is not what I was expecting. That didn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable—it was just different. Aftercare is not only mentioned, but stressed. A safe and mutually enjoyable experience is something the characters value highly, and that is always obvious to the reader.

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    How To Be a Professional (spoiler alert: I’m bad at it)

    It’s weird to suddenly be putting together all these things: a “professional” twitter, a “professional” facebook, a real honest-to-God website. Weirder still is that I don’t have a lot to say. Is it okay to scream about how excited I am for my new novel to drop?? What about sharing the bone-shaking despair I feel every time I think, “wait, what if it’s actually bad?

    Mostly I think those things are meant to be kept inside, but who am I if not a screeching vat of emotion??


    My betas and I have been polishing the mess I poured into a word doc for months, and I’ve mostly breached the pit of despair. I am nervous, and anxious, but I’m usually those things. I hope those of you who give my writing a chance come to enjoy it! I’ve had a lot of fun writing, and I look forward to serving this great community more in the future.

    In fact, I already have a new piece planned. Or two.



    It might be three.