• Interview

    Interview: E. M. Hamill

    Today I’m excited to host E. M. Hamill for a little one on one chat! Hamill is author of  award winning Sci-Fi adventure Dalí (which I loved) and the newly released fantasy, Nectar and Ambrosia (which I also loved). Reading through the author notes on Nectar and Ambrosia, it seems this book had a long and winding road to publication. Can you tell us a little about this story’s journey?

    This book started as a really bad short story I wrote after Florian introduced himself in a dream. In the dream, he was this go-to guy everybody knew could get the gods’ ear if you needed a favor or an intervention, but that’s not how the story turned out. Eventually, I expanded the story to a full novel. I queried the heck out of it and got some really nice feedback from agents, but no one ever picked it up. I won a chance to work with a professional editor, Carly Hayward, in Pitch To Publication and she really helped me work on some of the character development. Though my manuscript wasn’t picked up, I still had hopes for it, but by then I was working on something new and put it away for a while.

  • Review

    Nectar and Ambrosia – Review

    Genre: Urban Fantasy

    Pairings: M/F

    Queer Rep: Bi/Pansexuality, Demisexuality, Gay, Trans

    Warnings: Accounts of epileptic attacks and seizures


    Chased by a creature that shouldn’t exist, Callie flees her home and hopes it buys her parents’ safety. But her future is uncertain, and she is wracked by mind-bending visions she can’t control. Her out of control mind somehow leads her to Nectar and Ambrosia, a bar seen by few and inhabited by the immortal—or, as we know them, the mythological.

    Thanks to a kind doorkeeper and a vision of an oncoming apocalypse, Callie is thrown headfirst into a multi-dimensional conflict that could eviscerate the human race.


    Unique, fun, and full of twists and thrills. Weaving together mythology, current religion, and aspects of light sci-fi, Nectar and Ambrosia will take you on an adventure like none you’ve experienced before. And then? You’ll want more.

  • Review

    Dalí – Review

    Genre: Sci-Fi

    Pairings: NB/M, NB/F

    Queer Rep: All the wonderful NB and queer stuff. Polyamory.

    Warnings: Violence, Torture (Feels like a strong word, but there are some unsavory things going down)


    Dalí Tamareia is a Sol Fed Diplomat, genderfluid changeling, and badass. Dealing with the painful loss of their family, Dalí struggles to find a purpose, especially as their home system targets changelings for their newest crusade.

    That crusade and the cruel underworkings of the Sol Fed soon become Dalí’s reason for living—someone is targeting and abducting third-gender changelings, and Dalí has all the components to become the perfect undercover operative.


    Honestly? Holy shit. I’ll come out and say it: I had more fun reading Dalí than I’ve had in a long time. In one of the most alien settings I’ve experienced, Dalí delivers beautifully human characters and a beautifully human story.