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    I’M A MESS.

    It took me at least ten rewrites and a shameful amount of time to create a post for the release announcement of Valhalla. This novella is the first piece of mine to land a contract. It’s a piece I wrote and rewrote and refined over and over again. Now that it’s here, available for the public, it doesn’t feel real.

    But it is real, and it’s because of all the love and support I’ve received from my community for the past three years. I’m a better person and a better writer because of you guys. I was able to lift myself out of the deepest depths of depression with your help. I couldn’t have done any of this without you.

    My M/M story about a cheeky valkyrie & a grumpy soldier is out now, and I hope it’s something this community can be proud of! I’m proud of it, which is something I’ve learned is okay to say. Thank you, and have a happy new year!

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    Let’s go to VALHALLA

    My novella VALHALLA has a cover, a release date, and a way to preorder!

    This baby is my first ever contracted piece, and has been in the works for quite some time. I’m a mess in the best way, and I’m so glad to finally share it with you guys.

    Valhalla releases on December 31st, but you can get it three days early if you preorder from my publisher! 

    If you’re an Amazon, iBooks, Nook, etc loyalist, those links will be coming soon, and I will update you when they arrive. For now, click here for my publisher’s link, or click any of the links below to keep up with the release on social media!

    Twitter | Goodreads | Publisher Link