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    Odd Spirits – Review

    Genre: Paranormal Romance

    Pairings: M/F

    Queer Rep: Bisexuality

    Warnings: Biphobia


    It takes a lot of commitment to make a marriage between a modern ceremonial magician and a chaos witch work, but when a malevolent entity takes up residence in Rhys and Moira’s home, their love will be pushed to the limits.

    Brewing up a solution is easier said than done when your magical styles are polar opposites; throw a psychic ex and a secret society in the mix, and things are bound to get messy.


    I will start out by saying that I found out about this book via an LGBT+ twitter thread, where the author was advertising it. This definitely warped my view of the novella, as I was expecting some witchy lesbians, gay men, enbies, etc. NOW DON’T PANIC–I KNOW BI AND PAN PEOPLE ARE EQUALLY QUEER… I am pan. We are valid.  The issue wasn’t that one of the characters was bi, the issue was that I was over halfway through the novella before we are given any evidence that he is. And then, when that evidence does arrive… well.

    It left a lot to be desired. But more on that later.

    After getting 30% or so through the book with no queer rep, I looked into it and realized I’d made an error of judgement. My mistake. I was perfectly happy reading an M/F, I just wished I had gone in knowing they would be the stars of the show. I want more bi and pan characters in the world, so this suited me just fine.

    Until it didn’t.

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    Nectar and Ambrosia – Review

    Genre: Urban Fantasy

    Pairings: M/F

    Queer Rep: Bi/Pansexuality, Demisexuality, Gay, Trans

    Warnings: Accounts of epileptic attacks and seizures


    Chased by a creature that shouldn’t exist, Callie flees her home and hopes it buys her parents’ safety. But her future is uncertain, and she is wracked by mind-bending visions she can’t control. Her out of control mind somehow leads her to Nectar and Ambrosia, a bar seen by few and inhabited by the immortal—or, as we know them, the mythological.

    Thanks to a kind doorkeeper and a vision of an oncoming apocalypse, Callie is thrown headfirst into a multi-dimensional conflict that could eviscerate the human race.


    Unique, fun, and full of twists and thrills. Weaving together mythology, current religion, and aspects of light sci-fi, Nectar and Ambrosia will take you on an adventure like none you’ve experienced before. And then? You’ll want more.

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    Omen Operation – Review

    Genre: Action/Light Sci-Fi

    Pairings: F/F, M/F, M/M, MMFF (polyamorous setup for future installments)

    Queer Rep: Bi/Pansexuality, Polyamory

    Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence.

    [Note: I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.]


    This novel was described to me as “Resident Evil” meets “Maze Runner” by the author, and honestly that was all it took to hook me. Going in with as little knowledge as possible wound up being an excellent experience, and I would recommend the same to you. The gist? Nasty zombie-esque creatures, an evil mega-corporation, and main characters who are trained to kill. What more could an action junkie ask for?


    Omen Operation is an action packed thrill ride that will have you screaming for answers just as much as it will have you screaming for everyone to kiss. It is a new adult novel that ages the characters right beneath your gaze and forces a group of wildly varied individuals to tackle a horrifying situation. It satisfied not only my thirst for well-written on-page violence, but also for soft found families and a bisexual disaster MC.

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    The Space Between the Stars – Review

    Genre: Light Sci-Fi? Romance?

    Pairings: M/F

    Queer Rep: None.  I bought it for the genre and because I sometimes get down with the hets

    Warnings: None


    A virus sweeps through the galaxy and decimates the population. With the tiniest fraction of human life remaining, Jamie Allenby must find a way off world and toward the distorted message she received on her communication device. She finds herself in a group of lost and varied souls, and their ideals and destinations clash.