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    Predatory – Review

    Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

    Pairings: M/M

    Queer Rep: Pansexual

    Warnings: blood and gore, D/S themes, body horror, mentions of physical abuse, sexually explicit material


    Donovan Quinn is faced with the impossible: unleashing the wild energy inside him. In the aftermath of a rushed, thoughtless sacrifice, his circle mates brainstorm a plan to appease the Queen of Water. Meanwhile, Donovan desperately tries to find a way to access the lonely Earth magic hiding inside him.

    ​But with his heart reaching for Tyler, the aggressive and volatile head witch of his circle, and friendships being tested at every turn, Donovan is at a standstill with his magic. Saving his friends, his circle, and his heart becomes far more complicated than he ever thought.


    The things about the Port Lewis Witches is that you’re never going to have a bad time while reading them. When I get a new Brooklyn Ray story in my hands, I know I’m going to enjoy myself. I’m gonna get excellent atmosphere, dynamic characters, and a setting that lives and breathes.

    But even knowing that, even being a fan of this series already, I still found myself surprised at how much I loved this installment.

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    Odd Spirits – Review

    Genre: Paranormal Romance

    Pairings: M/F

    Queer Rep: Bisexuality

    Warnings: Biphobia


    It takes a lot of commitment to make a marriage between a modern ceremonial magician and a chaos witch work, but when a malevolent entity takes up residence in Rhys and Moira’s home, their love will be pushed to the limits.

    Brewing up a solution is easier said than done when your magical styles are polar opposites; throw a psychic ex and a secret society in the mix, and things are bound to get messy.


    I will start out by saying that I found out about this book via an LGBT+ twitter thread, where the author was advertising it. This definitely warped my view of the novella, as I was expecting some witchy lesbians, gay men, enbies, etc. NOW DON’T PANIC–I KNOW BI AND PAN PEOPLE ARE EQUALLY QUEER… I am pan. We are valid.  The issue wasn’t that one of the characters was bi, the issue was that I was over halfway through the novella before we are given any evidence that he is. And then, when that evidence does arrive… well.

    It left a lot to be desired. But more on that later.

    After getting 30% or so through the book with no queer rep, I looked into it and realized I’d made an error of judgement. My mistake. I was perfectly happy reading an M/F, I just wished I had gone in knowing they would be the stars of the show. I want more bi and pan characters in the world, so this suited me just fine.

    Until it didn’t.

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    Unbroken – Review

    Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

    Pairings: M/M

    Queer Rep: Gay, Pansexual

    Warnings: Depictions of blood play, references to self-harm and date rape within an abusive relationship

    [Note: I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.]


    Despite the rumors about Port Lewis, Michael Gates doesn’t expect the house he rents with his sister on Foxglove Lane to be haunted. An eerie meeting with Victor Lewellyn, the resident witch-turned-demon who is bound to the property by dark magic, changes his mind.

    Michael isn’t looking to start a relationship with anyone, let alone someone like Victor, but the intense attraction between them can’t be ignored. As he dives into the world of magical drug rings, demons, witches, and necromancers, Michael also grapples with the complicated past he left behind in Arizona.

    A relationship might not be what he wants, but it sparks something in him he didn’t realize he needs—the chance to heal.

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    The Queen of Ieflaria – Review

    Genre: Fantasy

    Pairings: F/F

    Queer Rep: Pansexual, Non-Binary side characters

    Warnings: Minor fatphobia against an MC who absolutely does not give a shit what you think.


    Princess Esofi of Rhodia and Crown Prince Albion of Ieflaria have been betrothed since they were children but have never met. At age seventeen, Esofi’s journey to Ieflaria is not for the wedding she always expected but instead to offer condolences on the death of her would-be husband.

    But Ieflaria is desperately in need of help from Rhodia for their dragon problem, so Esofi is offered a new betrothal to Prince Albion’s younger sister, the new Crown Princess Adale. But Adale has no plans of taking the throne, leaving Esofi with more to battle than fire-breathing beasts.