Undertow – Review

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Pairings: M/M

Queer Rep: Gay, Trans

Warnings: Bloodletting, violence, some gore


[Note: I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]



Port Lewis, a coastal town perched on the Washington cliffs, is home to Crescent Cafe, a slew of micro-breweries, a downtown packed with antique boutiques, and violent, ancient storms. Thunder shakes rooftops and lightning cuts through dark skies, but Liam Montgomery has never been afraid.

Until now.

One night, Liam hears the scream of a kelpie, a Water horse whose cry foretells the beginning of a prophecy. Kelpies have not set foot on shore for decades, but as Liam digs into his magic and his family’s history, he uncovers a mysterious secret that could ripple into the lives of everyone around him.


“Undertow”, sequel to “Darkling” (which I loved), is a phenomenal second installment to an already fantastic series. Brooklyn Ray’s always-gorgeous prose shined even brighter here, dragging me bodily into a rich world full of magic and secrets. I found myself perched on the edge of my seat, laughing out loud, and cursing as the events of the novella unfolded. If you were on the fence about this series, do yourself a favor and fall off it. Undertow is an excellent time in a small package.



Like Darkling, the plot and pacing keep the reader engaged from start to finish. I was immediately pleased to be set down with Liam and Ryder in familiar territory. They proceeded to pick me up and whisk me away to a place with magical creatures and deadly secrets, and I enjoyed every moment.



Gorgeous. Atmospheric and well-described, you feel like you’re in this port town surrounded by witches.



Liam is the chosen POV for this novella, and I adored being closer to him and seeing Ryder from the outside. I love them both—and even more so now. Their dynamic is fun and ferocious. I also enjoyed getting to know the rest of the circle a little better. I look forward to more of their stories and lives.


My biggest complaint about Darkling was that there wasn’t more. Undertow gave me the more I was looking for, and did it beautifully. I know Brooklyn isn’t done with this world, and I’m extremely excited for what is to come.


Brooklyn Ray’s site is here, and their twitter is over yonder.


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Brooklyn has recently released a print compilation of Darkling and Undertow combined! That print link (which includes an extra side story) is listed below!


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